Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Number 8 - Sussex Beacon Half Marathon

I really enjoyed this race, though it is not as easy as one would have expected.

The organisation was perfect, all the martials were great and there were lots of water stations.

The first half is lovely and flat and managed to complete the first half in 52 minutes. However at 8 miles you are taken up the to the top of the cliff by the sea, then down again, then up again and finally down a step slope back down to the beach. This cost me my time which ended up as 1:46:47. Though not as good as hoped it was still a good time.

The race is worth doing and the weather was lovely and running along by the sea is lovely.


Sunday, 3 February 2008

Number 7 - Great Bentley Half Marathon

I love this race, it is completely flat and through the Essex countryside. It is a definite for a PB. The only unfortunate thing of today was the wind, it was sooo cold, but despite this it was a good run.

The organisation is great and everyone is helpful.

The only little criticism is that there really are not enough toilets for the number in the field. The facilities were quite quickly over whelmed.

Would definitely do this again,