Monday, 12 May 2008

Number 13 - HInckley Dog and Hedgehog Half Marathon

Well wasn't it hot. With temperatures rising to 27 degrees it was going to be a tough race for me, only 4 weeks since London and 2 since Sheffield.

I started well and completed the first 6 miles in 50 minutes, however at that point all the energy went from my legs and had to walk run the last 7 miles to the finish, completing in 2:04. Despite this, it is a lovely race, the scenery is fantastic, the organisation perfect and the support fantastic. The start of the race had a real carnival atmosphere with stuff for the kids to do, cafe by the lake and beautiful surroundings.

The course is flat, with a few uphill bits but they are quite sedate, the problem was the heat took so much out of you that they seemed like mountains.

I would definitely do this race again hopefully with it a little cooler ;-)