Friday, 16 January 2009

Number 24 - Bedford Half Marathon

This is an old favourite of mine, I have run this race for the last 5 years and I wasn't going to miss it this year. Especially as I was race number 1 ;-)
As ever well organised, and lovely race, despite the hills. Managed a reasonable time which I was happy with and finished off 2008 nicely. Now only 16 more races to run and 8 months to do it in.


Number 23 - Norwich Half Marathon

I returned this year to Norfolk, for race number 23. It is quite a nice scenic flat course, except the up hill bit at 6 and 12 miles :-( As before well organised and was happy with my time. I did stop and walk for most of mile 11 to help a poor chap who was suffering dehydration, though managed to get going again once the marshals arrived.


Number 22 - St Neots Half Marathon

This was a lovely race, lots of open country side and fresh air, though the weather wasn't too good. It was really well organised, and I have known marshals to be so happy and enthusiastic it really helped. The crowd provided lots of support throughout the course, though mainly in the villages and the finish. Would do this race again.


Number 21 - Lancaster Half Marathon

Did enjoy this race, it was very scenic, taking you out of the city early on into the countryside. The only down side was the mile markers were useless and in the wrong place. They did tell you about this, but not very helpful. The marshals were always encouraging and helpful, and I was pleased with my time. The weather could have been a little better, as I got hail stoned on in the last 2 miles, but hey it was November.

Number 20 - Amsterdam Marathon

At last the race to take me to the half way point, and what better than the Amsterdam marathon. I was really blessed with lovely weather, not to hot but not raining. The course is very picturesque taking you through both the city of Amsterdam and out in to the countryside. It was really well organised with plenty of water stations and helpful toilets (which came in handy :-) ), and the marshals were all helpful and encouraging.
Disappointed with my time, felt strong, then got strange stomach pains in the third 10K, thankfully one of the pacers encouraged me to get running at 30K and I completed the final 10K in a reasonable time.


Number 19 - Royals Parks Half Marathon

This has to be my all time favourite race. It was just such a beautiful setting and everyone was so friendly and enthusiastic. I did hear that there were not enough toilets provided which is always a problem, but as its their first race I am sure they will learn from that. Apart from that everything ran like clock work, and I managed a reasonable time compared to my Reykjavik time so was really pleased. We were very lucky to have beautiful weather which did help, but running through some of London's most beautiful parks was very special.


Number 18 - Reykjavik Marathon

Well what can I say, the location was lovely, the people friendly and it was really well organised. Lots of support and encouragement and best of all lovely and flat. I did well in the first half, but slowed considerably in the second half due to driving wind and rain on the exposed peninsular. I also managed to fall over at about 3 miles which shock my confidence a little.

Overall a fab race and hope to do it again and improve on my time.