Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Race Number 10 - Edinburgh Half Marathon

Made it to the quarter way mark and am still running. The Edinburgh Half Marathon was a very special race in my scheduled as it was race number 10 and I really feel like I am going to achieve my goal.

The race is a lovely race along the picturesque Firth of Forth coastline. It is a complete flat course so lots of potential for PBs. I think the start could have been better organised as there was confusion as to whether the bags are dropped at the end or start (end then shipped to end), it is not what you need before a race when nerves are raw.
Apart from that it was a great race, plenty of water stations and the end into the racecourse was fab, with everyone cheering.

Will be doing this again next year and hopefully the Dumfries and Dundee races as well.


Race Number 9 - Reading Half Marathon

What a fantastic race this was. The organisation was impeccable and I can;t fault it and the route is lovely a flat and takes you through Reading ending at the football stadium. The crowd really get behind you and the reception when you run the last 0.1 mile into the stadium is inspiring.

There was plenty of water, lucozade and jelly babies so there was not change of dehydration or lack of energy. Big thank you to the race organisers and volunteers, great race.

I would definitely do this race, and am hoping to do this one next year as part of Challenge 40.