Saturday, 26 July 2008

Number 16 - Girvan Half Marathon

Well what a lovely race, this is a small event on the West Coast of Scotland in Girvan. There were only a little over a 100 racers in this event, but the camaraderie was fantastic. Everything was well organised for a small event, and it was a lovely run though more undulating than flat and also warmer than I would have liked it.

I suffered a little in this race with a tight calf muscle which I picked up after running a fast track session in very light weight race trainers. Am only really just getting over that injury and will hopefully be racing again tomorrow.


Monday, 9 June 2008

Number 15 - Southend Half Marathon

Well after 8 weeks I of racing every 2 weeks I finally get to the Southend Half Marathon. Its a great race, great atmosphere and support and it is nice running by the sea. It was a hot day and there were loads of water stations and sponges en route so there was no problems there.

I enjoyed this race, and is definitely a flat PB race.

The organisation was faultless and had no problems parking or getting out.


Number 14 - Edinburgh Marathon

What a great race, the weather was perfect, the course is lovely (though could have done without the wind), everyone was really friendly and encouraging.

The only down point was the start, it was too narrow for people to drop bags and get to the start and queue for the toilets, there just was not enough space. However, everything else was well organised.

The course is flat and PB potential, though if it is windy there is a head wind for the first 18 miles, this does help on the last 6 miles though.

Will definitely do again,


Monday, 12 May 2008

Number 13 - HInckley Dog and Hedgehog Half Marathon

Well wasn't it hot. With temperatures rising to 27 degrees it was going to be a tough race for me, only 4 weeks since London and 2 since Sheffield.

I started well and completed the first 6 miles in 50 minutes, however at that point all the energy went from my legs and had to walk run the last 7 miles to the finish, completing in 2:04. Despite this, it is a lovely race, the scenery is fantastic, the organisation perfect and the support fantastic. The start of the race had a real carnival atmosphere with stuff for the kids to do, cafe by the lake and beautiful surroundings.

The course is flat, with a few uphill bits but they are quite sedate, the problem was the heat took so much out of you that they seemed like mountains.

I would definitely do this race again hopefully with it a little cooler ;-)


Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Number 12 - Sheffield Half Marathon

I enjoyed this race, the crowds were fantastic and the start and finish in the Don Valley stadium was great. Made you feel like a proper athlete.

The organisation was great, especially the large baggage area which was for participants only, makes a change from getting cold before a race. The only slight problem was the wait for medal and goodies after the race, especially as it was wet and cold, but it was a minor problem.

I did take it easy in this race, due to only having done FLM 2 weeks before and a bruised coccyx, so I did walk the up hill bits (of which there are few) and kept my pace down. Though did manage a 7:57 final mile.

I would definitely do this one again,


Thursday, 17 April 2008

Number 11 - Flora London Marathon

What can I say about this race. It is always well organised and everything goes smoothly. The crowds are phenomenal they really get behind every runner and really encourage you to take every step.

I could have done with out the rain and hail stones, but I suppose I can;t ask for everything.

I completed the race in 4:09 exactly and though disappointed I have to realise it is my first marathon after injury and I only returned from Australia 2 days before. So in these circumstances it is a good result.

Would definitely do this one again, have already signed up for next year.


Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Race Number 10 - Edinburgh Half Marathon

Made it to the quarter way mark and am still running. The Edinburgh Half Marathon was a very special race in my scheduled as it was race number 10 and I really feel like I am going to achieve my goal.

The race is a lovely race along the picturesque Firth of Forth coastline. It is a complete flat course so lots of potential for PBs. I think the start could have been better organised as there was confusion as to whether the bags are dropped at the end or start (end then shipped to end), it is not what you need before a race when nerves are raw.
Apart from that it was a great race, plenty of water stations and the end into the racecourse was fab, with everyone cheering.

Will be doing this again next year and hopefully the Dumfries and Dundee races as well.


Race Number 9 - Reading Half Marathon

What a fantastic race this was. The organisation was impeccable and I can;t fault it and the route is lovely a flat and takes you through Reading ending at the football stadium. The crowd really get behind you and the reception when you run the last 0.1 mile into the stadium is inspiring.

There was plenty of water, lucozade and jelly babies so there was not change of dehydration or lack of energy. Big thank you to the race organisers and volunteers, great race.

I would definitely do this race, and am hoping to do this one next year as part of Challenge 40.


Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Number 8 - Sussex Beacon Half Marathon

I really enjoyed this race, though it is not as easy as one would have expected.

The organisation was perfect, all the martials were great and there were lots of water stations.

The first half is lovely and flat and managed to complete the first half in 52 minutes. However at 8 miles you are taken up the to the top of the cliff by the sea, then down again, then up again and finally down a step slope back down to the beach. This cost me my time which ended up as 1:46:47. Though not as good as hoped it was still a good time.

The race is worth doing and the weather was lovely and running along by the sea is lovely.


Sunday, 3 February 2008

Number 7 - Great Bentley Half Marathon

I love this race, it is completely flat and through the Essex countryside. It is a definite for a PB. The only unfortunate thing of today was the wind, it was sooo cold, but despite this it was a good run.

The organisation is great and everyone is helpful.

The only little criticism is that there really are not enough toilets for the number in the field. The facilities were quite quickly over whelmed.

Would definitely do this again,



Thursday, 31 January 2008

Number 6 - Folksworth 15

As the name suggests this was a 15 mile, undulating road race. I have to say the organisation of this race was perfect, from the minibus to transport you to the race head quarters to the marshaling I could not fault it. Everyone was really friendly and there was a lot of support.
The race itself was picturesque though there are three hills which you have to do twice as it is a 2 lap course. The last of which at 7 and 14 miles was tough (though I did not stop).

I would definitely do this race again as it was very enjoyable.


Number 5 - Ropsley Raid 13

Well this was a really tough race for me. It was all cross-country which is not my strong point.

However despite the difficulty of the terrain, it was a great race. The weather was perfect on the day. The organisation was great, it was a really nice quiet race with 131 competitors, which made it an intimate and enjoyable experience.
The other competitors where really friendly and there was a great camaraderie with everyone helping everyone else to complete the course.

I would do this again, even though I did not enjoy the terrain.